Monday, December 10, 2012

The Best Note Ever (and other random things that make me smile)

Here is a note we found on the table after dinner tonight:   
"I love you Cami. 
Thank you for your peanut butter bars. 
Love, Ellie
PS  This is really random but you are very pretty." 

It seriously made my day (and Cami's too)! 


Here are a few other things the kids have done that have brightened my day in the last couple of days...

Here is Adam's "Four Seasons" clay creation that he made at Scouts last week.  He is so proud of it and constantly tweaks it and tells me about something new he's added.  Every time I pass it on the shelf, I can't help but smile...especially at the detail on the cute little dog and dog house on the right! 


I love that I still have someone young enough to randomly decide she's going to make and wear an Indian costume to school for no other reason than that's what they're studying in social studies right now.


And here's another sweet note Cami found  outside her door this weekend.  Also included were a hand-stitched heart and a heart shaped cookie: 


What's making you smile today? 

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grandpa-grandma c said...

What a sweet and thoughtful baby sister! Thanks for sharing.

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