Friday, December 21, 2012

End of the World

It's 12/21/12 and today is supposed to be the end of the world.  We thought about selling the house, moving to Fiji, and hunkering down with a year supply of gourmet chocolate and Honeycrisp apples to welcome the apocalypse.   Then I remembered that selling a house can be apocalyptically  painful in itself and that we've already done the two apocalypses in a row thing earlier this year and prefer to stay away from double whammies this time around.   

So we went for the next best option instead. 

We decided to act normal and fool everyone into thinking that today was just like any other day.  And let me tell you....we were awesome pretenders. 

The kids' only error in executing our plan was that they woke up and decided "YOLO, I think I'll wear my pajamas to school today."  It was actually pajama day at the elementary school, so the younger kids could be forgiven for their lapse in playing the part, but Spence and Cam may have ruined it all by wearing their footie pajamas on a totally normal, non-spirit day at the high school. 

Other than that little hiccup though, I daresay the rest of the week went brilliantly.  Read for yourself how we totally forewent the whole "living it up" idea and went with the frazzled mom charade instead! 
  • I've had kids home sick from school four times in last week-and-a-half
  • In every spare moment I am frantically trying to sew one of Ellie's Christmas present, somehow conveniently  forgetting beforehand that the lowest grade I ever got in my entire life was in Sewing 101 at BYU and that nothing to do with my sewing machine ever comes easily to me.
  •   I helped at elementary school holiday parties all day for 2 days in a row
  • After a crazy scary wheezing attack after track practice the other day, I took Cam to the doctor to discover that she has bronchitis and previously undiagnosed asthma
  • As soon as all kids were at school for a day, I left the house determined that I would not go home until the rest of the Christmas shopping was  done.  A few hours later I got a phone call to pick up a sick kid from school. 
  • Went to the pharmacy four times in three days, because they were out of two of the medications we needed
  • Went to the high school to sign forms saying it's okay for my daughter to take an inhaler with her to school
  • Cooked a pre-planned, real dinner only twice this week and fed my family things like lunchmeat sandwiches and leftovers the other days. 
  • I get to practice my blushing (and shoveling) skills every time someone drops by our house unexpectedly lately. 

And now that we're only a few minutes away from 12/21/12 being officially over and I'm wondering if anyone knows where I can buy a new calendar? 

 I need to know the next time the world is ending, so I can start planning my trip to Fiji. 


On a totally different note, we found a "leucistic" sparrow (partial albino) at our bird feeder this morning.   It was stunningly gorgeous and so rare that many cultures believe that they're an omen of good luck.  Lucky or not, we were so mesmerized watching it that the younger kids were all tardy to school today. 


Steve-Rosanna said...

Wow x 2 = a Leucistic Sparrow on the day the world was supposed to end!! What an amazing omen of good fortune. A most beautiful creature on your back deck. Just a kwinky-dink at on this supposed EOW day?? I think not! But totally a sign of Heavenly Fathers love for you and your sweet little family.

On a lighter note, I bet that Adam was totally enthralled. Glad that you were able to document the rare sighting. Kind of seems like the dove returning to Noah and his fellow ark angels...

annalisa said...

Fiji sounds good :)

Wow, Spence and Cami really wore their pjs to school on a non-spirit day?! Go them!

I hope all of your kiddos are getting better! Is Cami's something that will last or is it something that can go away?

That bird really is beautiful!

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