Monday, December 31, 2012

Seven Months

I think partially due to the fact that Spence spent a couple weeks sick (and extra tired) this month and partially because it's so close to the time of his original diagnosis, but today's appointment caused us a little more anxiety than usual.  Then when the doctor took forever to come in to tell us the results, Spencer and I both were getting pretty nervous.  Happily, though, the results were still good!     Seven months and another clean check-up!!!!!   YAY!!! 

Clinic Stats:  Weight=71.6 kg,  WBC= 4.07, Platelets=148, Hgb= 15.7, ANC=1820

Answer to Christmas Guessing Game Sadly I did have an ungrateful child (who was old enough to know better) who did not react well to a couple of gifts.  Eventually they did come around and decided that what they received wasn't that bad, but in the meantime it did make me sad and made me think that I won't spend so much time choosing the perfect present for them next year. 

I did not get a microphone and stand for Christmas. As my brother Pete pointed out, it's actually a camera tripod---a present for which I am very excited!  Ellie, however, created a microphone out of a toilet paper roll, some paper, and some duct tape and has been happily using it as a microphone stand all week while she sings her Les Mis songs! 



Dad-Mom said...

We are so glad to hear the good news about Spencer. Is he over his bad cold now?

Ellie is so inventive to make a tripod into a microphone. What an amazing girl.

annalisa said...

Yaaaaay for Spence having a clean check up!

Your kiddos are cute :) Happy New Year!

Cassie Thompson said...

Great news about Spencer! Happy New Year!

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