Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Candid Camera

Here are a few photo gems I've found on my camera lately...

Spence rocking the tux and shorts look while waiting to get his senior portraits taken

Emma and her Siamese twin

Ellie catching a little snooze during Family Home Evening

Sniping Cami while she snipes someone (or something) else

Adam gives a whole new meaning to the term "button nose"
in a weird and sort of creepy way.

And my favorite of the bunch....
Spence and Cam prove that it is indeed possible to sleep comfortably
in the metal folding chairs at stake conference.

Not that I had any reason to doubt that fact or anything (they just didn't have a camera to prove anything). 



annalisa said...

I like all of the photos, especially the first one of Spence in the tux top and shorts bottom :)

Great candid shots!

Steve-Rosanna said...

And we like the first one and the last one. Hard to believe that you took your camera to stake conference.

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