Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Guessing Game

All of the following statements about our Christmas are true, except one.  Can you guess which one? 

1.  I made Ellie and her doll matching dresses.  While Ellie is absolutely in love with the idea of matching her dolly, the whole sewing process reminded me why I don't do it very often.  

2.  Adam got a Lord of the Rings Lego set, a present which has already been well-loved and much compared to the book and movie. 

3.  Spence was the happy recipient of his first smartphone!   

4.  One of my kids drove me to tears on Christmas morning because of their ungracious responses to a couple of the gifts they opened. 

5.  Emma knitted Cami a super soft scarf in just the color she wanted.      

5.  I got a microphone and stand to help me prepare for some upcoming auditions I have.

7.  Emma got some stylin' new clothes! 

8.  We ended Christmas day with a trip to the theater to see Les Mis.  It was spectacular and despite the criticisms about the singing/acting I keep reading about on Facebook, we absolutely loved it. 

9.  Glen considers Christmas 2012 to be one of the most peaceful ones in his memory. 



R said...

I think preparing for auditions is probably untrue. But really hope the ungrateful child on Christmas is false.

Steve - Rosanna said...

#5 probably a stretch, although they do have the "over 40" group on X-Factor. Assume that you will be a Dixie Chicks wannabe and sing C&W.


Jackie Koll said...

I agree with another commenter - I hope it is the ungrateful reaction that is untrue but was thinking it was the microphone/auditions that might be untrue :-)

annalisa said...

Since I know the answer I will refrain from commenting.

Thanks for letting me hang out with you all on Christmas!

Holly said...

Love the doll and matching dress. So cute!

Holly said...

I think the the ungrateful reaction is untrue, but I gave a few ungrateful reactions when I was a kid.

PP said...

I am pretty sure that is a camera tripod you are singing into, so I am guessing that #5 is untrue.

PP said...

When I said #5, I meant the second #5 (also known as the one between the first #5 and #7). I'll ask Davin to confirm, but I am pretty sure it is item #6. HA!

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