Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas Card 2012

A Royal Tale (from the year 2012 AD)

Once upon a time there was a king and queen and their five faithful subjects.  They lived in a {mostly} peaceful kingdom where they worked hard and reigned with love and chore charts.  One day early in the year 2012 A.D. there was a disturbance in the kingdom and one of the subjects fell deathly ill.  “It’s Leukemia,” the royal doctors proclaimed.  Though only 16-years-old, Sir Spencer was hastened to the battlefield where the king and queen learned that the dragon he faced had a strong and aggressive nature (Acute Myeloid Leukemia was its name) and would require him to cease attending the illustrious academy of learning where he was a junior and stay fulltime in the battleground of beeping IV pumps, lame food, and cute nurses. 

In the midst of absorbing the newfound changes in their little kingdom, the king learned later that same week that his official position of employment in the kingdom had been terminated.    The king and the queen were very sad and worried indeed.

Fortunately it didn’t take long for them to realize that their ailing kingdom was surrounded by many noble-hearted kingdoms who came from near and far to the aid of their struggling friends.  The king and the queen’s hearts were warmed when they learned of how many people, some even unknown to them, prayed daily for Sir Spencer.  Others visited often, bearing generous gifts, listening ears, and worthy food.  Hundreds of people from around the world sent him royal proclamations of good wishes for his 17th birthday.    Truly more blessings were poured out on their heads during that time than can even be counted.

After five months of tirelessly fighting the foe (and flirting with the royal nurses), Sir Spencer officially defeated the dragon called Leukemia and was finally able to return to his family’s castle.  Upon his return he immediately resumed his previous duties of teasing siblings, eating entire pizzas, and putting in applications for academies of higher learning.   Each month for six months, the dragon has remained in retreat and there has been much rejoicing in the land.  The kingdom looks forward to much more rejoicing in the future.

-Sir Spencer underwent four rounds of intensive chemo and was in the hospital from January 10th-May 31st.
-King Glen’s unemployment proved to be much more of a blessing than a trial, since the severance pay and their savings made it possible for him to be much more involved in the daily care of his kingdom.  He found new royal employment just before Thanksgiving. 
-Their other faithful subjects weathered the year surprisingly well.  Princess Cami (15) is a cross country runner, cupcake baker, and lacrosse player.  Princess Emma (12) is a knitter, pancake maker, and brand new babysitter.  Sir Adam (10) is a math whiz, hypothetical question asker, and one day astronaut.  Princess Ellie (7) is their jester who brings smiles to their faces with her cheerful nature, creative thinking, and stellar sense of fashion.  Each one of the subjects brings great joy to the king and queen. 
-The Queen avidly kept records of their year on the royal blog (link below) and is busy now as YW pres, kid coordinator, royal menu planner, and wannabe crafter.
-The King has vowed to do his part to cure Leukemia by running a marathon and a century bike ride this spring.  See his Team in Training website to contribute to the cause. …please and THANK YOU!


I actually designed the card back in April when Spence was still in the hospital.  I don't think he was thrilled with having his bald head sent out for the world to see six months after it started growing back, but I loved the sentiment on the card and thought that his and Glen's baldness added some power to the message. 

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 Merry Christmas!!!

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JP said...

That is a beautiful card. Merry Christmas to you and yours, Lara!

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