Thursday, January 3, 2013

Just Wondering....

....why I ever thought that taking care of small children was very hard.  Sure they cried a lot and kept us up all night, but teenagers do the same thing with far more drama than a 2-year-old ever could.  (Disclaimer:  I have very nice teenagers who are 99.7% awesome) 

....why both of my boys,  at about the age of 10,  have gone through a stubborn I-want-to-wear-shorts-every-day-of-the-year phase.  I don't like to create power struggles with my kids about unimportant things like clothing choices, but, man, it  embarrasses me to no end every time a certain 10-year-old of mine walks out of the house in 25-degree weather wearing his shorts and t-shirt. 

....why cloudy days are so darn hard on my psyche. 

....we can't all just send Christmas cards to each other all year long.  I go into serious withdrawal every time I walk to the mailbox these days. 

....why a certain child of mine can't smile this nice in all of his pictures. I can accomplish ten times more in one day than I can in an entire week-and-a-half with my kids  home all day. 

...why I lazily put off doing things that would be infinitely easier if I just did them right away. Cami could be any more hard-working and creative.  Her New Year's Eve cupcake sale raised nearly $350 (plus a $100 donation) for Glen's LLS fundraising for leukemia research. 

...why a certain child of mine puts more thought into what he's going to wear for school spirit day than he does about writing a 2-page essay (that he still gets an "A" on). 

....why the rest of my siblings don't move closer so we can have cousin sleep-overs more often!

...why broccoli can't taste like Grandma Sandy's addictive English toffee.   

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annalisa said...

It's already dark a lot more in the winter then when it's cloudy many days in a row... That is not cool.

That is a great picture of Spence!

My nieces and nephews are awesome!

You are awesome, Lara!

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