Monday, January 14, 2013

This Week's Top 5

5--Cami was approached by a member of the school newspaper about doing a report on her New Year's cupcake sale that raised $450 for Glen's Team in Training fundraiser.  Later she was approached by the journalism teacher about the possibility of writing about it in the local community paper.  I will post links as they are published! 

4--I am slowly discovering the joys of taking pictures on my new iPhone and being able to send them to people immediately.  It means that I'm not toting around my big camera as often, which while great for keeping track of home remodeling ideas while I'm out and about, unfortunately seems to be taking a toll on my blogging frequency. 

3--Emma made a gorgeous Danish for our Sunday morning breakfast.  I definitely could get used to the 1:00pm church time with fancy breakfasts like this coming my way! 

2--Glen received his order of custom wristbands to give to people who donate to his Team in Training fundraiser.  They say "Livestrong" on the yellow portion, "Beat Leukemia" on the orange portion, and "Team Spencer" on the purple portion. 

1--With the help of my awesome sister, Heather, I finished the YW project I was working on and absolutely LOVE the way it turned out! 

2 comments: said...

I want a wristband!!!! And I Emma's Danish is beautiful - perhaps she could go into business as well? I will put an order in for a Danish!

Dad-Mom said...

That's fantastic that Cami was able to raise so much money selling her beautiful cupcakes. The bracelets are wonderful. Emma sure is talented to make such a great danish.

Love how your project turned out.

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