Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Blogging Drama

So, Spencer had thought that I'd been divulging secrets about him again (a HUGE misunderstanding--totally not true--I so have learned my lesson), so naturally he thought of the blog as his sure fire method of seeking embarrassing revenge on me. Problem was that he didn't count on Glen being way more embarrassed than I was about the whole thing [a much worse fate than embarrassing his mom somehow]. So Spence deleted it.
Not only is he sweet, hard-working, fun, good-hearted, smart, generous, and understanding, but he's also way hotter than those other guys Spence had listed here.

And in the meantime I totally need to figure out how to unlink Spence's gmail account from my blogger account. Any suggestions?


Denise said...

Dang it. I missed my chance to comment on all those yum-o guys on Spencer's list.

I would suggest getting him a hotmail account - and you too. They have a nifty parental control that allows you to decide which e-mail addresses your children can write to.

When they want to write to someone new, they must be approved by you first.

There are other pretty cool features too.

Then I would DELETE his g-mail, and LOG OFF!!!!! every time you are done.

Although, I for one, will certainly miss his posts.

Deon said...

Ahhh....teens and technology. I don't think anyone doubted where your true devotion lies. That said, Richard and I are not on each other's blogging accounts, so I doubt it would be too difficult to "boot" him. If you go into settings, it should b pretty easy, right? And change a password or two. OOH,wait - now we ARE "plotting" against him! Hang in there, Mom!
Now, hurry and delete this!

karey said...

But your blog was set up under his gmail account, right? Unfortunately, I have learned that it's impossible (or at least it was when I researched it) to unlink the blog from the profile from which it was set up. For example, ours was set up under my "kareyvaughn" account. Now I've linked Matt's account and my "kareycrain" account, and I can unlink those at any time, but I can never unlink "kareyvaughn". Wouldn't be too hard to have us all switch to a new blog, right? ;)

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