Sunday, November 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Kristina!

Turn up your volume and click on play
in the box below for your very own super duper Crain family happy birthday rendition!

Gabcast! The Golden Seven #1

Um, yeah. Go ahead and tell us how awesome we are for recording this from three different states and how you totally want me to release it as a single so you can buy it on itunes... know I totally would do it too. I'm all about appeasing the masses you know.

We love you K! Happy birthday!!

PS When is the next America's Got Talent audition?


Steve-Rosanna said...

We need a RE-DO!! Pretty sad...

Poor "K"

Happy Birthday Kristina.

We love you!!

K said...

That was pretty funny! Thanks for the birthday wishes!

annalisa said...

that is hilarious! happy birthday kristina! i hope you enjoyed our beautiful singing:)
p.s. i got cut off somewhere in the middle.

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