Monday, November 17, 2008

Twice as Crazy?

You all thought I was crazy for running 13.1 miles?

Does that mean that Glen is twice as crazy for running 26.2?

(Lest you think that Spence and Cam are super athletes for running marathons before puberty, I should explain that after seeing a couple of kids accompanying their mom into the finish line, they thought it would be fun to surprise him and join him for the last half mile to the finish line. I think it worked, since it actually made Glen smile after his four plus hours of
torture exhilaration.)


Deon said...

phenomenal.... you people are impressive! How do you find the time for all of this? Congrats to both of you!!

Pete said...

I was aware of the crazy gene on the Crain side of the family, but I always thought that Glen was pretty normal.

Charlene said...


Denise said...

I don't think double is accurate. This seems more of an exponential amount of craziness!!!!

glen said...

Boy my legs are sure telling me that I'm at least 2x as crazy today!

I still say the endorphin rush crossing the finish line with Spence and Cami was worth the effort!

Steve-Rosanna said...

What a great picture with all three of them running in stride. One to blow-up, frame, and treasure.

Really admire you both for taking so much time out of your amazingly busy schedule to train for such a serious undertaking.

Pete promised me today that he will join you in training for next years race-as soon as he graduates from law school in May.

Congrats to you both. We admire you and are very proud of you both!

Love, Grandpa-Grandma

alexandra said...

I'd say crazy in a good way! That's a great pic of Cami and Spence running with Glen, definitely one for the family photo album. When they run their own marathons, they can show it to their own kids.

Pete said...

Hey Lara!
Dad absolutely promised that he would run the half marathon with you next year. In fact, he guaranteed it.

Dad said...

Yeah right PP!!

K said...

I can't wait to cheer dad on next year!

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