Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Post-Marathon Tradition

What's the best thing to do (besides sleeping) after the mental and physical exhaustion of running 13 or 26 miles?

Going to visit with an old friend that was willing to feed our insatiable appetites and be patient with our refusal to walk up or down stairs! Chelsey used to live nearby us here in the area, but has since moved on with her cute family to a beautiful home in Richmond. Chelsey is the responsible party for getting me hooked on stamping and card making!

Cami and Whitney hadn't seen each other in a couple of years, but were giggling, talking, and cooking together in no time!

Don't ask me what it was that Cami and Whitney made--all I know is that it had loads of sugar, corn syrup, and artificial coloring. Perhaps a little lacking in the nutrition department, but Ellie and Brinley were oblivious to that fact and thought they were the coolest treats ever!

Adam and Tyler were like old friends in no time glued to the video games.

Even Glen and Aaron picked right back up where they left off...watching the BYU game! It was good that the Cougs ended up winning, otherwise we may have had to leave early. : )

Good friends like the Gregory's are hard to come by and I am truly grateful for their friendship over the years. We left their presence feeling energized by their contagious enthusiasm about the things in life that truly matter and inspired by their courage and faithfulness through the very difficult times they have endured recently.

Now we just need to figure out a way to see them other than just before or after running the Richmond marathon. Really we don't smell/eat/walk like that all the time!


Denise said...

How fun! I miss Chelsey! So glad you got to get together. Even if you were smelly during the excursion.

the best friends are the smelliest?

no, that's not the saying? Well, maybe it should be.

Anonymous said...

What a nice tribute to our family! Of course you know I have a different take on it...I love to be around people that have just run a marathon. It is how I always feel! Yeah!
And one comment to Denise...she is the one that got me hooked on stamping! The love just goes around and around.

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