Monday, November 3, 2008


I definitely wasn't so sure how I felt about Spencer's decision to play football this season...

First there were all the bumps and bruises,
the three day a week practices,
the Sunday games,
and the intense coaches...

It didn't seem possible that it could end well.

But thankfully I was wrong! Not only has he had a great season where he earned the respect of his coaches and teammates through his hard work, but we also felt like our experiences getting the Sunday games changed was an opportunity for spiritual growth as well.

Truly I was surprised that practice days only rarely conflicted with our myriad of other evening activities.

And after all the commotion we caused getting the Sunday games changed in the regular season, how shocked we were that his coaches willingly gave up their home field advantage for their "bowl game" by also switching it to Saturday merely so Spencer could play!

Most of the season they had Spencer playing defensive end and outside linebacker (both defensive positions).

Towards the end of the season they realized that not only was Spence an awesome tackler, but he could also run the ball well. So the last couple of games he played defensive end and running back, in addition he was also on a starter on the kick return and kick-off teams. For all you football novices (like me) that would mean he played the whole entire game!

His coaches did not end up regretting their decision to change the bowl game to Saturday, as Spencer was ON FIRE!!!! He rushed for ~120 yards, made some sweet tackles, sacked the quarterback, and forced a fumble! We were not surprised when the other team's coach ended up choosing him as offensive MVP of the game. All in all, definitely a good experience!

So, I guess I'll go eat my words now.


Matthew K said...

Karey and I are very proud of you. Lincoln says "waahhhwaahhhhawahhh", that "Congrats" in baby language (it also has many other meanings, but Congrats is clearly what he was trying to say here). Hard work and dedication pay off. Keep up the hard work. And we will need to see a game or two next year.

Charlene said...

Way to Go Spence! Way to go Lara for talking so football suave!!-

dad said...

I should add that Spencer's team also won the bowl game 13-7! Great individual and team effort. We are definitely proud of our oldest son. He worked very hard the whole season and his experience all around is a tribute to the success that comes with hard work, determination and faith!

JenJ said...

Go Spence!
Football is fun, but a TON of work. You are inspiring me to post some football stories of our own...we are still in Flag, no tackle yet for my 7 year old...that comes next year!!!

Pete said...

Way to go Spence!! I was jealous that Mika and the girls got to see you play without me. Good job carrying on the Crain/Goold tradition of athletic superiority.

Steve-Rosanna said...

With Grandma up in Minnesota with Heather for a week or so, I have not looked at any of the blogs since she left. So, I was delighted to go on-line tonight and find the story of Spencer's awesome performance in the championship game.

Brings back lots of memories of Uncles Nate and Pete's games a long time ago. Sure wish I could've been there to see you play. Really appreciate your mom posting these great pictures of your game.

Congrats Spence, we are proud of you.

Love, Grandpa-Grandma

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