Friday, November 7, 2008

"In the Fall..."

A photo essay by Cami (age 11)

In the fall the leaves turn orange, red, yellow, and brown. Sometimes they fall so thickly it looks like it is raining leaves. When we rake leaves we rake them into a big pile right at the edge of the trampoline, then we jump off the trampoline and into the leaves. When we rake the front yard we rake all the leaves to the bottom of the hill, run down the hill and into the leaf pile. Raking leaves is probably my favorite type of yard work.

Another thing I love about fall is apple pie. We usually go apple picking and get a healthy supply of apples for at least a month. My mom’s apple pie is so good she teaches apple pie classes almost every fall. Her apple pie is so sweet and looks beautiful too. My mom’s apple pie is the best pie in the entire world.

I love the smell of fall. It smells crisp and delicious the smell often reminds me of camping. Sometimes I want to stay outside all day and just run and breathe the fresh air I think out of all the seasons fall smells the best by far.

Another thing I love about fall is the weather. The fall has perfect weather for biking, running, and jumping on the trampoline. The weather is perfect for almost every outdoor activity. Sometimes there are rainy days but even those days I love the weather of fall. The fall weather is definitely my favorite season for outdoor activities.

Thanksgiving is a big thing I love about fall. There is always a big dinner with turkey, stuffing, corn, mashed potatoes, and pretty much everything you like to eat. There is also more of my mom’s famous apple pie. And all our family comes to share a great night with us. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays.

The last thing I will tell you about is another fun fall holiday--Halloween. I love Halloween because of all the costumes and decorations. I have to admit I do like the candy as well. On Halloween we always get double treats because it is my sister’s birthday. I love to go trick-or-treating with my friends. Everything about Halloween is so much fun.

I love the fall so much for so many reasons. Only a few of them I have shared with you. Everything about fall is so amazing, it is hard not to love. Everything is so beautiful, all the colors, smells, and fun things to do. A lot of people don’t notice how wonderful each season is but when you think about it there are so many things to love every season, but fall will always mean a little more to me.

The end.


annalisa said...

good job cami on the essay! i like fall too. i think it might also be my favorite season! also lara, i like the pictures!

Lara said...

Cami actually took all the scenery pictures herself.

Deanne said...

What a great job Cami! I'm impressed.

Fall is my favorite season too! =)

Andie said...

I think Cami has her mom's talent of being a great writer. Great pictures, too.

Steve-Rosanna said...

Gorgeous pix Cami. Great job. Looks like the Blue Ridge Parkway. Amazing colors this year.

Love your essay as well, although you did forget the two very best reasons to love autumn: School starts and BYU Football season!

In the old days when your mom was in HS, I loved the fall because it was cross country season. Your mom, your uncles Nate, Pete, and Matt all ran cross country in HS. Aunt Kristina also ran for a couple of years in JHS and HS.

CC meets were always held in golf courses and other beautiful places and there was always the wonderful smell of wood burning in nearby fireplaces in the air. I get nostalgic just thinking about it.

Thanks for triggering all these wonderful memories of my favorite time of the year as well.

Love, Grandpa-Grandma

annalisa said...

cami, good job on the pictures too!

JenJ said...

Hello our dear beautiful friend Cami!!
I love Fall too. It is by far my favorite, with Spring a close second. I MISS Virginia Falls. Did you know I used to get teary eyed because it was so beautiful in Virginia in the Fall???

Clarinda said...

Nice job on the photo essay, Cami. I know fall is your favorite, but can we expect to see winter, spring, and summer essays as well? You've got a way with words a pictures.

Cami said...

Mom I told you not to read it, but no you read it and blog about it! I can not believe some of the things you blog about!

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