Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Few Things...

that you may or may not know about me: 

1.  I am prejudiced against dark meats and only eat them when when Glen gets a sudden hankering for meatloaf and whips us up a batch for Sunday dinner.  (Yeah, yeah.  Don't worry the list gets better.   I just had to throw in this picture of me smirking at Glen's meatloaf.)

2.  I am of the personal opinion that Paula Abdul had some of the best get-up-and-dance music ever written.  I literally cannot help myself from grooving out when I hear it.   (You should test it sometime, by blasting "Straight Up" next time I'm in the room with you.  I promise you'll either be entertained (or scarred for life)). 

3.  I'm very risk risk averse that even straying very far from a recipe is stressful for me.  (I've been known to give up on dinner plans just because we're missing one ingredient, but lately I've been wanting to be a little more creative in the kitchen.)

4.  I think Irish dancing is  really, really, really cool and if I had any sense of rhythm at all I would go for my second career as an Irish clogger.  (I think "Lara--ye sassy Irish Lassie"  has a nice ring to it, don't you?) 

5.  I find two-year-olds to be extremely cute and fun to be around and I even think they're cute when they're grumpy.     Seriously.    (grumpy pre-teen girls are a whole other matter though)



Andie said...

I totally agree with you...two is the very best age for kids to be. Do you think sassy pre-teen girls could be traded in for new, two year old models? ;-)

annalisa said...

I can attest to number 2. I've seen it happen :)

I still find that picture quite hilarious! Just sayin'

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