Thursday, May 5, 2011

Zombies in the White House?

Not to get too political here on the blog or anything, but I couldn't resist sharing this video of one our favorite local newscasters delivering some pretty earth shattering news about President Obama:

I'm somewhat surprised that President Obama didn't take the opportunity to resign,  given that I assume he has somewhat diminished decision making skills now that he's dead, but I am glad that at least he was considerate enough to let the American people know. 



Deanne said...

I couldn't believe how many newscasters I saw screw this up. Kinda funny.

Holly said...

Okay this is hilarious. I am going to have to blog this video.

mom said...

Thanks for the laugh. Over the last few days I have heard several newscasters correct themselves after saying Obama instead of Osama.

K said...


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