Monday, May 9, 2011

The Wild Side of Philadelphia: Palmyra Cove Nature Park

Finally here are the last of our Philadelphia photos: 

After having to use our self-restraint and quiet voices while we toured through the historical sites in Philly, we were excited to head just over the Franklin bridge out of Philadelphia and to the Palmyra Cove Nature Park where we got to let loose a little!   It was amazing to us that it seemed like we were out in the middle of nowhere, but in reality we were just across the river from Philly the whole time! 

At first everyone was just excited to run and be free...

They ran and climbed and picked up sticks and rocks...

Then when we slowed down a little.....

and we started to notice all the amazing things around us, like this  mama goose sitting on her eggs....

Adam's 2nd grade teacher this year has instilled in Adam a love for wildlife of all kinds, but especially birds.  He definitely is way better at identifying birds than Glen or I and he held tightly to his "Beginning Birdwatching Book" the whole way through the nature park and got to add several new species to his list. 

We met a bird enthusiast local who led us to this cute Great Horned Owl family.  The mama owl was a little skittish and flew off at our approach, but we got to get a good look at these two baby owls.  Glen was just as fascinated as the kids and totally took over camera duty at this point. 

We had an ongoing debate whether this turtle was actually alive or not, but dead or not, it was still cool to see up close. 
In the end, our wildlife tally for the day was pretty darn impressive.  

Our wildlife tally for the day:
Geese (including a mama sitting on her eggs)
Yellow Warblers
Fox x2
Deer (several)
Great Horned Owls (mama + 2 babies)
Red Tail Hawk
Bunny Rabbit
Red-Winged Blackbirds
Turtle (maybe dead)
Downy Woodpecker
Black-Capped Chickadee


American History, birds, nature, and old friends....our last minute trip to Philadelphia was definitely a success and we already have a list for our next trip to Philly:  Longwood Gardens, Geno's and Pat's Philly Cheesesteaks, Battleship New Jersey, The City Tavern, and the Franklin Institute. 


Clarinda said...

Sounds like a fun trip! I ♥ birds, too, but am total rubbish at identifying them. Perhaps I should get that beginning birdwatching book that Adam has.

melissa said...

that's awesome! I'm glad that you had a good time and appreciated the freedom!! ;)

mom said...

Sounds like fun. I am a casual birdwatcher but can identify only a few. Glad you had such a successful trip to Philadelphia.

Dad-Mom said...

What a fun day! The cherry on the icing for your Philly trip.

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