Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Liberty Bell and Independence Hall in the Pouring Rain

I'm getting really bored of posting about our Philadelphia trip and can't even imagine how all of you blog readers feel about my endless travelogues, but, for the sake of good record keeping, I really don't want to leave any parts of it out.

  This was our last day in Philly and we finally got the pouring rain that had been predicted for the day before. 

Luckily we came prepared with rain gear and cute smiles. 

Here we are posing in front of Independence Hall.  Spencer decided that if he had to subject himself to pictures, he may as well have fun with it. 

Spencer had come on a school field trip to Philly in 5th grade, but they ended up running out of time and the only glimpse they got of the Liberty Bell was through the windows on the bus driving by.

We had to wait in line to get in, but were really excited to see the Liberty Bell up close. 

Outside Ellie was eager to take advantage of some 1-2-3-JUMPS with Daddy and Spencer. 

I love, love, love this picture of my sweet handsome hunny!  He was just smiling down at one of the kids, but I think this picture captures his gentle manliness just perfectly! 

Posing in front of a statue of George Washington..

We thought that  this plaque was cool and a couple of the kids (including me) took glee in standing on it, so that we could say that we've stood in the same spot as Abraham Lincoln. 

And here's a little glimpse of Independence Hall--the place where the Declaration of Independence was signed and the Constitution adopted.  It was a beautiful building and our tour guide was fun and animated, which made being there all the more interesting! 
Now I wish I could say that this was my last Philadelphian post in the series, but I've got one more before I'm finally done.   While you're yawning and waiting for me to post something more interesting again, go over to Recipe Shoebox and check out my attempt to make food jokes.    Don't worry..I'm keeping my day job.  :)



annalisa said...

Philadelphia looks like a cool place. I might just have to make a trip there some time.
I would love to see Independence Hall! Oh the history that happened in that room :)

Denise said...

love your photos lara! looks like you had a great time.

mom said...

I was beginning to wonder if you saw the Liberty Bell and went to Independence Hall Looks like you thoroughly enjoyed the trip despite the pouring rain.

melissa said...

great pictures!! I'm amazed at how quickly you all can put together a great trip!!

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