Monday, May 23, 2011

Adam's Track Meet

As part of the elementary school's track program, they train to participate in the local Hershey track meet.  Adam barely qualified by age this year, but he thoroughly enjoyed being able to participate with the other kids.    (this is only about half the kids from his school, since the older kids' track meet was held a different day)

Adam was very serious about his track running and even practiced here at home.  He didn't even come close to placing in the large meet, but he worked hard and was thrilled with how he did. 

Ellie eagerly told me that she was excited for the day when she would be old enough to participate in the Flyer (track) program at school too! 

Here he is doing the long-jump.  He also participated in the softball throw, but unfortunately I was too far away to capture that on camera.  



Dad-Mom said...

We applaud you for figuring out this dilemma and finding a workable solution. Almost certain that you must remember our hectic life style too often centered around youth sports leagues. Mom and I would often juggle our schedules to make sure everyone got to their games and practices. There were a few nights that we would have 3-4 different practices or games. It was crazy and took up a lot of time and certainly messed up our family dinner schedules, as well as more that a few FHEs. Youth sports is one of the reasons that we began holding FHE on Sunday evenings rather than Monday-trying to be flexible.

Glad that you have found a workable solution that will work to keep everyone fit.

Deanne said...

I recently read a book (of which the title escapes me right now) that talked about reclaiming family time. The thing that stuck out to me the most was that when ONE child is in a sport, the WHOLE FAMILY is in that sport because it takes away from family time together. I agree with your philosophy wholeheartedly and applaud you for reclaiming your dinner time and Saturdays!

mom said...

What happened? This is a totally different post. Congratulations to Adam on his participation in the track meet.

K said...

I'm glad you have your family time back and that Mom noticed the post is different. I also plan to keep extracurricular activities to a minimum.

annalisa said...

It's so good that the kiddos are eager to participate in sports!

Good job Adam!

Holly said...

Go Adam! Also, Ellie is getting so big.

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