Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Ladybugs and More

Blossoming azaleas, longer days, warmer weather, real deal sunshine, and ladybugs....




Dad-Mom said...

Thank you for your report and pix of what Springtime looks like. A bit envious as it is still chilly, wet, and windy here in the IM West.

It is May for heaven's sake, but still seems like late March. We have had a record amount of snow in the mountains above us and they are predicting major flooding. I will not complain about all the moisture as it will always be a blessing for the land and for our drinking water.

Although I don't mind the wet and rainy weather, we certainly could use a little more warmth.

Such cute pix of the kids and the lady bugs. Thanks for sharing.

Charlene said...

Me too!! Although, my allergies have been giving me serious problems out here!! I don't think my body can handle an enjoyable spring compare to MN short spring weather!!

annalisa said...

I heart spring too! Long walks without sweating up a storm.

The pictures are adorable! I really like the first one of the kiddos looking at the ladybug. (And I just noticed that Emma has earphones in and that just adds to the picture;)

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