Tuesday, May 31, 2011

How hot is it?

It's really, really hot outside. 

How hot is it, Lara?

So hot, that my brain has melted into the sidewalk along with the kids' popsicle drippings. 

Whoa, that's really gross Lara.  Melted brain and popsicle drippings can't be a very pretty sight. 

Why, no.  It's really not, except for the bomb pop drippings.  It swirled with the gray and looks kind of cool. 

Ew, Lara!  You seem to have lost your tact along with the contents of your skull.  Why bother blogging tonight if you have no brains? 

Good question, but it's one that easy to answer even in my brainless state.  I'm blogging because I have pictures of my kids that I want to put into my end-of-year blog book.  The status of my melted brain is of no consequence whatsoever. 

Well, maybe you should stop talking about how tactless/brainless/pointless you are in this stiflingly hot weather and actually get on with talking about your pictures.  We don't have all day you know. 

Great idea.  I shall forgo my pointless verbal meanderings and just get on with the pictures...... 

These pictures were taken on Backwards Day at school. 

It was pretty hot that day too....fortunately not quite hot enough to melt my brains yet though, so I actually thought to take pictures of them forwards and backwards. 

This hair-do was supposed to be a backward ponytail, but it kind of reminds of my brainful days back when I was in high school.  I'm pretty sure I wore this hair-do at least twice a week at one stage of my life.   
 The end. 

PS  If anyone has a good brain shaped jello mold, let me know.



annalisa said...

hahahahahaha! oh you make me laugh :)

It is super hot outside. I can attest to that as I walked to and from the metro today. It wasn't too bad in the morning, but on the way home. Phew. Sweat(r)in' up a storm ;)

What cute kiddos! I want to wear my clothes backwards. Maybe I'll suggest to my boss that we should have a backward day ;)

Twinkies said...

Wait. That hair style isn't in anymore? Oh crap. I think you should have put the ponytail right above her forhead. You could call it "the Unicorn".

Aitch said...

Such a fun idea. Too bad I wasn't there--we could have done an upside-down french braid on Emma's hair!

Hopefully it cools down soon so your brains can recoagulate :o)

Clarinda said...

Lara, can you please, please send some of the heat my way?! :)

Steve-Rosanna said...

May was the coldest and wettest ever on record here in the west. Today is June 2nd and the high was around 58 degrees and tomorrow it will be around 65 degrees-which Mom and I love since it saves on our AC electric bill.

We were very sad to hear about your brain situation, but are confident that if they are anywhere to be found-you will find them. Hope that you get some relief one day soon.

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