Saturday, May 28, 2011

Working Hard...Playing Hard

Day 1 of Memorial Day weekend:

  • Church activities (including 2 baptisms) starting at 9:00
  • Copying the programs
  • Home for Saturday chores
  • Take a load of junk to the dump
  • Take another whole load of stuff to Unique (a consignment store)

  • Go to Home Depot and buy my belated birthday/Mother's Day flowers. 
  • Come home and have a flower planting party. 

  • Get cleaned up and put on swimsuits

Including goggles, socks...

winter boots...

and cute smiles.
  • Come home at 8:00 and scrounge together some deliciously easy bagel and lunchmeat sandwiches. 
  • Put kids to bed while Glen takes Spencer to take care of his weekend dog-sitting job and run a couple of errands.
  • Blog while daydreaming about how quickly I can get in bed when the boys get home.  


Clarinda said...

Wow! Sounds like one fun, busy day!! :-)

Deanne said...

What a productive day! I'm impressed with the large pile you took to the dump and Unique. I need to follow your example and get rid of a few things too!

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