Monday, October 1, 2012

Behind the Wheel

Spencer's behind-the-wheel course has been a long time coming and now that he's started he is truly the old man of the driving school.  By now he's been driving for over 18-months and it's painfully obvious that the instructor has little to say to Spencer in the way of actual instruction.  He merely directs him which way to turn, tells him to slow down when he even approaches the speed limit, and then stays pretty quiet. 

So the other day they were out driving and were almost back home, but still had about 5 minutes left of driving time.  His teacher instructed him back out to the main road, told him to take a few turns, then stopped talking. 

So Spencer kept driving....

and driving,

and driving....

until the instructor woke up, with alarm, and demanded to know why on earth they were in downtown DC.    They arrived back home almost an hour later than we expected. 

At first I was a little annoyed when Spencer told me this story.  After all we paid that instructor a whole lot of money to teach Spencer to drive, only to have him napping on the job...

then I remembered that it's no different than the driving instructor he's had for the last 18-months, who does the exact same thing every time she sits in the passenger seat. 

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Steve-Rosanna said...

Interesting that you have been confused several times recently by various commenters with your dear mother. Mom has the exact same affliction as you. Every time she gets into our car and fastens her seatbelt-she is instantly sleep in a matter of milliseconds. Very similar to the problem that I have every Sunday in sacrament meeting. I always sing the opening hymn with vigor, but as quickly as I bow my head and close my eyes...I am out until mom nudges me to wake me up to take the sacrament.

Way to go Spencer! The fact that your instructor fell asleep only means that he trusts your driving!

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