Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Emma's Birthday Autobiography

   For Emma's 12th birthday today, I thought that instead of writing up a blogpost in her honor that I would let Emma do the talking instead.   She loves to write (she takes after her mother in that regard) and loves it when people comment on her writing even more (HINT HINT).    Emma's smile and energetic personality have been lighting up our family for 12 whole years now and we are thrilled with the young woman that she is becoming! 

And here is Emma (in her own words): 

By: Emma G.


Chapter One
I was born on October 31st 2000 at 1:40 in the morning. I had orange hair and my mom called me “her little pumpkin baby”. I have two older siblings. My older brother was 5 ½ when I was born and my sister was 3 ½. They thought since I was born they wouldn’t be able to go trick-or-treating, but they still did. When I was about 3-4 weeks old I smiled for the first time, which is something I will never forget how to do.

Chapter Two
15 days before my second birthday my mom had my little brother. I was too young to remember anything, but I know he was cute and he smiled a lot. Also when I was about two years old I would sing a lot. There is a video of me when I was two and in every video with me in it I was trying to have the camera on me and I would be singing.

Chapter Three
When I was three years old I had to get eye muscle surgery. I had gotten glasses when I was two, because I was cross eyed, so they gave me the surgery. When I was four I had to wear a patch due to lazy eye (I didn’t need glasses). When I was in preschool my mom had my little sister.

Chapter Four
When I was finishing preschool and about to go into Kindergarten my mom taught me how to read. My mom taught me out of a big book with many different lessons. I would do one lesson every day. The first few lessons were just about the different sounds each letter made. As the time went on I would read stories with pictures and my mom would cover the picture so I wouldn’t know what the story was about. I remember that I always would try and sneak a look at the picture.

Chapter Five
On Memorial Day 2005 I went to a lake with my family and some family friends. There was a bridge so I walked to it in the water and then I slipped and cut my knee deeply on a sharp rock. I came out of the water and there was a lot of blood. Luckily, one of my parent’s friends was a doctor so he stopped the bleeding. My dad took me to the emergency room and they had to give me four stitches. It hurt. The doctors gave me little teddy bear. I still have a scar from that accident.

Chapter Six
In Fall 2006 I started Kindergarten at Elementary School (which is the school I’ve been at since then). My teachers were Mrs. A and Mrs. S. In Kindergarten I learned many things and skills that have helped me in past grades. In Kindergarten I really loved my teachers and I still do. In first grade I had Ms. Bl. it was in her class that I got my first Paw Power award. In second grade I had Mrs. By. In her class I made some of my best friends. The next year I was accepted into the AAP (Advanced Academics Program) and was in Mr. S's class. He was my first male teacher and a good one too. After that I had Mrs. H. who taught me many things about language arts and social studies. Presently I have Mrs. A (again!) and she is very optimistic and treats everyone well. In fourth grade I became a safety patrol. This was exciting for me, because I got to help the school even though I was on a bus.

Part Two

Chapter Seven
During the summer between fourth grade and fifth grade I did swim team at my pool. I didn’t know I would like it as much as I did. I’m not trying to brag, but I did pretty good in swimming and I really liked it. I had done running and a little bit of soccer, but other than those I didn’t really do competitive sports. I plan on doing swimming again this summer, and currently I’m doing running with the school track team.

Chapter Eight
I started doing a lot of writing in Mrs. A’s class. Almost every day I write something. People have told me my writing is good and I didn’t really know that or think about until this year. Also, I am told I’m a good reader. I like reading and can read books fairly fast (I got that from my mom). I try and think about the author’s words as much as I can. I also, over the years, have gained a better understanding of books that I read or have read.

Chapter Nine
I donated ten inches of my hair to Locks of Love (it makes wigs for people with cancer. My hair was pretty long and although I loved my hair long I wanted to cut it, but my mom was trying to make excuses for me to not cut my hair. This was all before January 10th 2012. That was the day that my older brother went to the hospital, because he was diagnosed with cancer. After that, my mom finally agreed to let me do it (because of my brother). She actually donated her hair too although she likes her hair long.

Chapter Ten
When I was nine and ten years old I wanted to be a veterinarian when I grow up, but now from learning more about the world and global warming I want to be an environmentalist. When I learned more about pollution and global warming and what they are doing to our Earth it made me want to stop it. Many animals’ habitats are different from what they used to be, because pollution causes global warming which is making polar ice caps melt, and other ice. Pollution is forming a giant trash pile (gyre) in the Pacific Ocean. Pollution is also causing animals to die, because animals (mostly birds) mistake plastic for food. Plastic is toxic, but the animals don’t know it so they eat it and then they die. It’s really sad, but if people help it may stop.

Note From the Author
My life may not seem that special, but everybody and everything is different, so my life is special in it’s own way. I believe everyone has a talent even if they don’t know it. I also believe everyone can achieve their goals, long term or short term, and dreams if they really try and work hard to achieve them.

We love you!


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Grandpa - Geandma said...

Happy Happy Birthday Emma! I love your autobiography. You definitely have some major writing skills.

Ellen James said...


What a great writer you are! I loved learning a little bit more about you and your growing up. You are such a beautiful girl and I am so excited that you are now going to be in Young Women with us! Have a wonderful Halloween birthday today.

Sister James

Anonymous said...

Great Post Emma...this is William Kim's mom...Hope you have a great and fantastic year. I'm so glad William go to go to school with you and that we got to meet your great family!

Katie said...

Wow, Emma! You write as well as you sing! Your musical number on Saturday was SO BEAUTIFUL, and this post was so much fun to read! (You were the cutest baby EVER! :)

Happy Birthday!!

Reynolds Rundown said...

Emma--this will be a treasure as you grow up. I LOVE to read my old journals and it really helps me understand more about myself. And my kids love hearing about my life as a kid. KEEP WRITING!! And Happy Happy Birthday! Love,

Morgen Reynolds

The McArthur Family said...

Emma, you're beautiful! Happy, happy birthday! I loved reading about your life and all the fun memories you have.

Daddy said...

Happy Birthday Sweetie! I really liked your autobiography. I had not read it before. I had no idea you want to be an environmentalist! That's great - you'd be fantastic at it if that's what you decide to do.

We are very proud of you and the wonderful young woman you have turned into. You have wonderful things in store for you in your future! Have a joyous and terrific Halloween!!!


Andie said...

Happy Birthday, Emma! I love your autobiography, especially the notes from the author at the end. I know you are such a treasure to your family!

Uncle Pete said...

Happy b-day Emma!

Walker Franks said...

We saw your picture in the Washington Post! Happy birthday to a very smart young lady!

Walker Franks said...

The above comment is really from DeeAnn Franks!

Aitch said...

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JP said...

Happy happy birthday, Emma. I enjoyed reading the chapters of your life. Great job!

Bon-Bon said...

Hope you had a great birthday, Emma. I have known you since you were just a wee lass and it is a lot of fun to see you grow up and change. Keep writing about yourself -- no one can tell your story quite like you!
When you are much older you will enjoy looking back at the things you have written. God bless!
~Bonnie Myers

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