Sunday, October 7, 2012

Mystery Lights


What are those glowing orbs in the night sky? 

Are they stars?  Or a UFO?  Maybe a couple of cats? 

Oh wait!  I see a face!  Is it a creepy alien?  
Or a couple of stalkers trying to see what my next blog post will be about? 


it's just my hunny and a couple of kids sleeping in the tent set up in the backyard. 
They were supposed to be at a ward campout while I stayed home to get Spence and Cam off to their Saturday morning activities (SAT and cc meet), but DC rush hour traffic proved to be too much for these fair traffic campers and instead they watched "Brave" at the dollar theater and came home to do their camping.    Ellie opted to stay inside and sleep in Daddy's spot on the bed next to me. 

Everyone missed out on their annual Spam burgers cooked by Bruce, but I'd have to say that the nonstressful traffic coming home (approximately 22 feet) and spider free restroom facilities more than made up for that small sacrifice! 


1 comment:

annalisa said...

Camping is fun even if it is in your own backyard ;)

I hope Spence did well on his SAT. How long before he gets the results back?

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