Tuesday, October 23, 2012

For the Kids

It was my intention to do a detailed blogpost each day I was gone, so that my family could keep up with my happenings while I am in California.  Unfortunately my jet-lagged body wants to sleep far more than it wants to blog, therefore consider this a teaser post. 
My kids were jealous when they found out that I was going to the San Diego Zoo Safari Park today and really wanted me to take pictures of koala bears for them.  Alas, there was nary a koala to be found in the Safari Park, but I'm hoping that this picture of a mama gorilla and her baby might suffice instead.  We watched them for nearly 20 minutes oohing and aahing over how snuggly and sweet they were with each other. 

And it might have made me a tad bit lonely for my own "babies" too. 



Ellie said...

Hi Mommy - i love it! I like how the baby gorilla is sucking its thumb. I saw another baby yesterday - Mrs. Brannan's! She brought him to school. He's as cute as the gorilla baby. I miss you and I love you. I

Adam said...

Hi Mom i like the picture of the gorilla i wish i could see it

Glen said...

Hi babes - our "monkeys" sure do miss you - that's for sure! Thanks for sharing the picture, we love it! Have fun on the rest of your trip. Love you!

Spencer said...

I want a pet gorilla. Can you get on that for me?

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