Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Birthday Boy by the NUMB3RS

Here's a little glimpse at our birthday boy: 

10-years old today!!!! 
9-thousand "what-if" questions he asks per day
8- days past his due date when he was born
7-minute mile, he can run! 
6-times a day he makes jokes about going to the moon
5-outfits that he will wear and if one of those is not available he refuses to get dressed
4-main hobbies include Legos, bird-watching, rock collecting, and reading
3-musical instruments--cello (1st year), piano (2nd year), recorder (3rd year)
2- his APGAR score when he was born
#1-math whiz / bird identifier / puzzle solver  / homework avoider in our family! 

Happy birthday Adam!

An up-close glimpse at his 10th birthday:

Birthday dinner:  Spaghetti and Meatballs
Birthday cake:  Andes Mint cake--made by Cami (cake and ganache),  Glen (frosting), and me and Ellie (putting it all together)
Birthday treats to share with class:  Mud and worm cupcakes
Birthday Crepes made by Daddy:  coming on Saturday morning
Birthday wish list:  Nintendo DS, motorized Lego kit
Actual birthday gifts:  light up Lego kit (which we thought was a motorized Lego kit) and Lord of the Rings Lego kit

Some past posts about the birthday boy:


The McArthur Family said...

Happy Birthday, Adam!

R said...

Happy Birthday Adam! Sounds like you had a great birthday.

Steve-Rosanna said...

Adam is one decade old! Sort of amazing since he was seemingly just born yesterday.

We love you Adam Goold-you are your Grandma and Grandpa's very favorite ten-year old grandson!

Happy-Happy Birthday Adam dear!!

annalisa said...

Happy happy birthday Adam! You're cute :)

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