Saturday, October 6, 2012

Conference SATurday

  A little glimpse at our  Saturday: 
  • Spencer took the SAT test (for the first time)!    He said he felt okay about how it went.  The ACT is coming in a few weeks!
  • Cami ran in a x-country meet. It was a hard, hilly course and Cami came home disappointed in her performance.
  • Our dog got into the trash and ate a bunch of melted rocky road ice cream.  Since chocolate is highly poisonous to dogs, we called the vet who reassured us that the amount of chocolate in the ice cream would make it unlikely for him to react.  So far he is fine. 
  • We played at a fun park while we waited for Spencer to finish the SAT. 
  •  Ellie went to a birthday party.
  • Cami went over to a friend's to do her hair for homecoming. 
  • And we stayed home to watch General Conference on the internet (since our tv is still broken)! 
The kids are always a bit restless trying to sit still for so long, but we bribe them with candy....
General Conference is a twice yearly opportunity for us to hear the leaders of our church inspire us and give us guidance for these days and times.    Ellie was very excited about it. 
We used our new General Conference journals.

We were more than a little rocked by the big announcement they made today that they were lowering the required age for young men and women to serve missions....
...which means that Spence could be going in less than a year.

A fact which makes me happy and sad at the same time. 



steve-rosanna said...

A very busy and portentous General Conference Saturday. A lot of looking to the future with Spence taking the SAT with the ACT looming. Then the mission age bombshell-all very meaningful to one certain 17-1/2 year old-who certainly has a lot to consider. And whose new haircut looks very good and very missionarial.

Conference today was amazing.

Cindy said...

I hear you. This was quite a wake up call for high school seniors and their mothers and fathers.

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