Saturday, October 31, 2009

BOO-thday Time Again...

Being born on HALLOWEEN certainly has its drawbacks, namely it being a really busy day when everyone is so distracted by costumes and candy that there's not much time left to celebrate your birthday too.

Emma, however, is the PERFECT person to share her birthday with a holiday.

From the day she was punctually born right on her Halloweeny due date, when she won a HUGE prize basket from a local Girl Scout troop for being the first baby girl in the hospital born on the founder of Girl Scout's birthday, she has had a flair for standing out in a crowd and doing things with a BANG!

Red(dish) hair.


A beautiful singing voice.

A smile to light up a room.

Giggles and enthusiasm.

A peacemaker.

A loyal friend.

The best breakfast maker.

Creative thinker.

An eternal optimist.

Our little EMMA KRISTINE has been bringing light and joy into our home now for NINE whole years and we are so grateful for every day!
We love you M & M! Happy 9th birthday!


Deanne said...

Happy Birthday Emma!

K said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Emma! I hope you had a wonderful day! We love you lots!

Grandpa-Grandma Crain said...

Happy-Happy Birthday dear Emmakins!

We all hope you had a wonderful birthday. We know that it was a sweet one since it always falls on trick or treat day.

We love you very much.


Matthew K said...

Happy Birthday Emma!!! We love you!! When are you going to come hang out with us?

Charlene said...

Happy Birthday Emma!

annalisa said...

happy happy birthday emma dear!
i hope it was a fun one!

Aitch said...

Happy Birthday Emma!! Love you to pieces!

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