Saturday, October 3, 2009

Day 276---Saturday

This beautiful October morning started off with a little soccer comedy. Adam's team is lousy with a capital "L", but you could never tell by looking at his team's faces. They smile the whole time, they stop to look at flowers, they herd around the ball and steal it from each other, they kick balls into the wrong goals and still get excited, and one teammate loudly shrieks with delight every single time he touches the ball. They don't officially keep score at this age, but let's just say 10-0 would've been a generous estimate for Adam's team.
Later we went to Emma's soccer game which was slightly less comedic, but frustrating nonetheless. The entire game was totally lopsided in her team's favor with the vast majority of the game spent right in front of the other team's goal, but not a single one of the 15-20 shots they fired went in and they lost 1-0. Chalk it up to some good character building!

Then it was back home for some good old fashioned afternoon napping, oops I meant General Conference, in our ripped up basement (hence the tv on the floor and the ripped up wall in the background).

While Glen and Spencer were at priesthood session later that night, we did a little apple peeling and apple pie making. The kids think peeling apples is a special privilege that is worth fighting over.
I'm just glad I have their help at all. Apple pies would be a much bigger pain without my Pampered Chef peeler and my little peeler operators!

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