Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Grammatical Question

So I'm just curious, what do you think the past tense of "sync" is?

Spencer keeps telling me he just "sunk" his Ipod, which makes me think he threw it in a fish tank or flushed it down the toilet or something.

He claims that "synced" just doesn't sound right.

I am hoping to find out what U thunk, so we can putt this behind us once and four all.



K said...

synced is definitely the current word!

Deanne said...

I vote for "synced" as well...although seeing it written out looks funny.

Eyeglasses & Endzones said...

I agree with "Synced" as well.....but it does sound weird!

Matthew K said...

I am going to say that it is irregular and say that the past tense is "syncified" or the completely irregular "fahrvergnugen". Although when I spell synced in Firefox (which has spell check), it does not underline it as being incorrect.

Deanne said...

Justin has reminded me that "sync" is short for "synchronize" the appropriate past tense seems like it would be -ed.

Clarinda said...

Definitely synced...could also be spelled synched (which I think looks more proper).

Incidently...spelled could also be spelled spelt.

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