Friday, October 23, 2009

Day 296--Aquarium and Fall Festival(s)

Ellie and I started the day with a metro ride to downtown dc to go see the National Aquarium. The preschool kids had been learning about oceans and fish this past week, so we thought it would be a perfect field trip to finish off the unit. I was doubly excited because I had actually never been there before and thought it would be fun to check another site off my list.

The kids thoroughly enjoyed exploring the aquarium and seeing all the bright tropical fish and other sea life they had just learned about. Of course they were also just as excited to be with their friends as they were to see the fish.

Afterward we walked a little ways and had a picnic lunch. It was a beautiful day and the kids were laughing, running, playing, and romping together.
I love how this cute picture of Ellie turned out!

Next it was on to the church Fall Festival. It was also supposed to be their school's fall festival as well, but it ended up being cancelled for too many people being out sick. The kids were excited that they weren't missing anything too exciting, but I was a little irritated that all the cakes I'd labored over for the occasion ended up going to waste!

For the church's fall festival, I made a pot of chili, apple pie, 2 dozen cupcakes, and some cornbread. Next year I'm only bringing cornbread.

Emma was a cute little "Build-A-Bear" and had a blast running around with her friends!

Cami and some of her Beehive friends were bunches of grapes. Didn't think about it at the time, but they did end up looking an awful lot like Fruit of the Loom girls!

Poor Adam was just coming down with a fever and was as miserable as could be. Not even his friends could get him off the chair for long.

Ellie was a princess (surprise, surprise!) and was obsessed with winning cupcakes from the cakewalk.
We didn't know it at the time, but Adam was coming down with a five-day long fever and cough and Glen was just coming down with h1n1.

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