Thursday, October 22, 2009

Another Boring Day in the Life of Lara?

Today, I....
  • Spent three hours, three to a seat on a school bus in heavy DC traffic.
  • Toured Abraham Lincoln's summer cottage and helped a bunch of third graders make their own stovepipe hats.
  • Sprinted for a third of a mile across a busy parking lot and around the back side of the middle school, very un-nimbly scaled a wobbly fence, and ran down a line of 20+ middle school buses and flagged down Cami's just as it was leaving.
  • Took 20 minutes to catch my breath again.
  • Together Cami and I bought a lavender lamé pant suit at Unique.
  • Shamelessly self promoted my recipe blog on facebook, then got really mortified at my over-the-top audaciousness.
  • Still need to make 6 cakes, 24 cupcakes, a pot of chili, and one pie


K said...

Your post leaves me asking a lot of questions like why did you have to chase down Cami's bus and why on earth are you making SIX cakes AND 2 dozen cupcakes?

Lara said...

Good questions K.

1. I was chasing down her bus, so that we could go to Unique (which is right next to her school) before the other kids got home from school. Lavender lamé pant suits are very important you know.

2. 6 cakes I promised for school's fall festival tomorrow night. 24 cupcakes, pie, and chili I promised for ward's fall festival also tomorrow night.

3. In answer to your unspoken questions...because I like drama, late nights, and stress. It keeps life interesting.

Clarinda said...

Your post also left me with the same questions as K. Thanks for answering.

BUT...where is the picture of you in YOUR lavendar lame pant suit??

Aitch said...

The visual of you climbing a wobbly fence gave me a good laugh for the day! The lavender pantsuit was definitely worth it though :o) Complete awesomeness!

Also, I have to say it again . . . I love Emma's new glasses. So cute on her!

Denise said...

Lara...seriously...i know i tell you this all the time...but you are my hero.

my slightly neurotic, over achieving wonderfully funny hero.

Mirien said...

Sounds pretty boring to me. With all your extra time today I think you should decorate the cakes with fondant--homemade, of course. Have fun at your fall festivals!

mom said...

Good grief how late were you up last night? It must have been after midnight because of the comment you made on K's blog last night. I had all the same questions as K thanks for answering them.

annalisa said...

I really like Cami's purple suit! it's pretty awesome!
I'm amazed you actually caught Cami before she left.
The field trip looks like it was fun besides the three hour bus ride! Was it cool?

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