Thursday, October 22, 2009

Day 295--Abraham Lincoln's Summer Cottage

One of the best parts about living in the DC area is the opportunity we have to visit amazing historical places. I absolutely love the fact that my kids visit places on field trips that most people only read about in history books.

Emma's third grade class is learning about the Civil War period, so they decided to take a field trip to Abraham Lincoln's summer cottage in downtown DC. Surprisingly, after more than a decade in the area I had actually never heard of it before. It turns out it's fairly new and in a horrible part of town where I probably wouldn't really want to drag my family around in anyway!

So the traffic was horrible that day and we ended up taking 90+ minutes to get the 15-20 miles. I was glad I wasn't driving myself, but three to a seat in a school bus wasn't exactly my idea of great fun either! Thankfully I brought some cookbooks to peruse, which the girls found highly interesting.

The house itself was pretty barebones and only somewhat interesting, but the tour guides were excellent and made it much more exciting. This stovepipe hat craft was fun for the kids and very educational as well.

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