Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Day 301--Breaking Free

Adam was still recovering from his fever/cough today, so he stayed home from school yet again. Today at lunchtime I noticed that it had finally stopped raining. I was so excited to get some fresh air, that we left on the spot before even eating.

Adam was acting pretty normal (and energetic) on his scooter ride to the park, so will definitely be back to school tomorrow!

Ellie was thrilled to enjoy a little push on the swing.
They played happily for almost an hour at the park, then went into melt-down mode for the walk home. I probably should have left about 15 minutes earlier.

It turned out to be a seriously GORGEOUS afternoon--with blue skies and temps in the mid-60's. I was shocked when they ended up canceling Emma's soccer practice (for wet fields), but I didn't mind the freer evening schedule and the kids certainly were excited to just go outside and jump and run and play on their own!

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Emmy said...

Great pictures. And what a great idea, a picture a day! Definitely something you will cherish having.

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