Thursday, October 1, 2009

A New Era Has Begun

Firsts. Life is full of them.

In those early years of childhood it seems like the kids are passing exciting new milestones all the time. First it's those sweet toothless little smiles, then the giggles, then before long they're walking and bickering with their siblings. It's all rather fun, bloggable, and cute.

Then they grow older. Not only do the milestones seem to be fewer and farther between, but they're not nearly as exciting either. I mean who wants a blog post about when you get your first zit? Or put on eyeliner for the first time? Or your HS football team goes 0/4. Certainly not my kids who get embarrassed at the littlest things (like me bragging incessantly about them and lecturing random strangers at the park).

So, for as much as I like progress and accomplishments in my kids, I tend to have an aversion to the latest and greatest technological gadgets. For instance, the internet. We went without it for several years, before finally consenting to getting dial-up which we had up until 2007. Yes me! I got a taste of life in the super fast DSL lane a mere two years ago and I've never looked back. Same with cell phones, ipods, and satellite tv. We waited a long time to get our first, then got completely hooked on the convenience and ease.

So when Spencer started begging us for his first cell phone back in 7th grade, we put him off big time. No way, no how was any son of ours going to be traipsing around middle school with a cell phone. What in the world did he need one for anyway? Playing tetris?!

Then he started high school football this year and he has a coach that randomly ends practice anytime between 5:00-7:00 each night. There's no rhyme or reason whatsoever to it. It's inconvenient enough for me not being able to plan my evenings at all, but it also meant that he needed a cell phone and I couldn't deny it.

So we got him one and he likes it...way too much!!! In his first 2 days with it he had texted his friends 47 times and we realized that we were going to be in trouble soon if we didn't upgrade our plan to include texting. So now in addition to his buffed arms from football, Spencer's also got buffed thumbs from texting.
And dang it all, my thumbs are getting buffed now too.



K said...

I've always wanted buff thumbs too, but haven't accomplished my goal yet. Maybe someday I'll text.

Denise said...

oh Lara. The Dark Side.

We are thinking of going there too.

What is life coming to?

Andie said...

Only 47 texts in two days? I'd say that's pretty minimal compared to what I've seen some of my young women do. One sent/received 15,000 texts in one month. They sleep with their phones and they can text from the pockets of their sweatshirts without even looking!!

We are the same way with technology. I think I was the last mom on the planet without a cell phone. Now I wonder what I ever did without it.

Mirien said...

Love this. Thought we were the only parents who hadn't caved yet. (Now I guess we are--ha, ha) My daughter who is almost 16 hasn't bugged us too much about it but my 9th grade son can't wait to have his own phone. So we told him we'll add him to the plan when he gets his Eagle, and my daughter has to get her YW medallion. But she'll be driving before that happens, and for my own peace of mind, I'd like her to have one then. I guess she can borrow mine--the one I waited years to get and finally gave in because the school secretary made me feel terrible that my child was sick and she couldn't get in touch with me for two hours! Yes, those luxuries quickly become necessities, don't they?

JenJ said...

How fun!!! I can just see his happy face. :)
About sleeping with phones. It is HIGHLY recommended that you take the phones for the night for "recharging" and return them in the morning. Nothing good comes from texting past dark. :) Seriously though, it is recommended for very good reasons.

Annette said...

Buff thumbs, no kidding. Some of our youth have some real talent in the texting department; they can do it with one hand tied behind their back, eyes closed, standing on one leg. Welcome to life with a teenager.

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