Saturday, October 24, 2009

Day 297--Emma's Birthday Party!

It was Emma's year to have a birthday party, so in honor of her upcoming 9th birthday she got to invite four friends to go to a Disney on Ice performance with her. It was a really hard for her to narrow it down to only four, but we really wanted to keep the cost from getting too outrageous so we stuck to our guns with the four. In the end, I think the smaller size made it a little cozier and easier for Emma to spread herself around to all of her friends.

We started off here at our house for a craft, dinner, presents, and cake.

We ended up a little rushed at the end, trying to get to the performance on time.

Adam was also supposed to come along with just one friend (since it was not his year for a party), but when Adam got sick, Cami decided not to come, and Glen had to stay home with Adam we ended up bringing a few extra people with us, so the tickets would not go to waste.

The girls (especially Emma) had a fantastic time
and were in complete awe of the beautiful costumes and fun performances.
It was a great way to celebrate Emma's 9th birthday!

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