Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Heck or High Water

At the time it seemed perfectly reasonable. It was a gorgeous autumn day stuck in amongst several rainy days. The leaves were in their peak colors and it was an open Sunday afternoon. How could we not take advantage of an opportunity for a Sunday car ride to Skyline Drive?

Never mind that Adam had a fever.

Never mind that Glen was grumpy and quickly coming down with what later proved to be h1n1.

Never mind I hadn't had more than five hours of sleep all week.

We WOULD go to Skyline Drive and we WOULD like it.

Glen was too sick to drive. I was too tired to drive.

But still this did not stop us. I pulled over and let AnnaLisa drive while I blissfully dozed the rest of the way there through the horrible traffic.

Finally we arrived and I was so excited about the "perfect" lighting and the gorgeous colors. We were all getting fresh air and I was going to take some AWESOME pictures.

Too bad I brought the wrong lens for the occasion. I took over 200 photos and over half of them were "off" (too dark, too light, or in most cases blurry). While we did get a few good ones due to the sheer volume of ones to choose from, but all in all for a perfect photo-op it did not go well at all.

I think everyone did genuinely enjoy being outside on a pretty autumn day,

but looking back I know we could have accomplished the same task

by just taking a walk around our neighborhood.

The sickies wouldn't have had to wear themselves out so much,

I wouldn't have ended up in tears over my innumerable photo mishaps,

and we could have put everyone to bed at a reasonable hour

by completely avoiding the even worse traffic going home.

But then again, if we had just walked around our neighborhood we would have missed this breathtaking sight...
Hmmm....maybe I'll just try to be more reasonable when I grow up someday. :)



Steve-Rosanna said...

Ahh spontaneity, the secret of most memorable family trips. Some times you just need to throw out conventional wisdom and take off for the wild blue yonder!

We love your photos-in spite of the wrong filter-they are still gorgeous.

Hope everyone is feeling better.

Love, Dad and Mom

Denise said...

I love your can do attitude Lara.

Lara said...

Denise, Thanks for making my obsessive unreasonableness into a "can do attitude". It sounds so much nicer phrased that way.

Dad, Adam is back to school today. Glen is back to work, so Spence is the only sickie left in the house and he's doing much better too. Hopefully we're on the tail end of it all.

alexandra said...

Just remember, if you'd stayed at home, you would have always mourned all those "perfect shots" you missed!

K said...

Next time I'm coming with! You got some great pics without the right lens!
I think it's hilarious how serious Spence looks.

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