Friday, October 30, 2009

Flashback Friday: Halloween (circa 1984)

The questions I know you're all dying to ask:

Reporter: Oh, what a cute family!

Lara: Why thank you. Yes we were.

Reporter: So I see your brother Pete was Spiderman, Kristina and Heather were clowns, Matt was a leopard, and Nate a football player. What nice, normal costumes I must say.

Lara: Yep.

Reporter: So, I'm a little confused by yours. Are you a wizard or the Virgin Mary?

Lara: Ah, you're good! I was both.

Reporter: Huh??

Lara: I'm sure pregnant wizard costumes were all the rage in the 80's.

Reporter: Either that or you were weird.

Lara: Yeah, there's always that too.



Lara said...

Sorry dad! No more comments like that please! We have a plan you know.

alexandra said...

Too bad you didn't have the "Three Wolves" shirt back then.

Denise said...

Okay. Lara. Normally I think you are totally right on and everyone else is crazy for thinking you are weird.

But...I think this might actually fall into the you are weird category.

Um...I'm keeping my old photos to myself for this very reason.

Deanne said...

Too bad you didn't keep your costume...Cami could have wore it this year (purple). hehe...

And I'm dying to know what your dad wrote!

Charlene said...

LOL!!!! heeheehee, I can't think of anything to say to top that costume.....heeheeheehee...

thanks for the laughs!

Lara said...

Um, I'm not so sure I really wanted to know that "everyone" thinks I'm weird, but thanks for defending me....most of the time anyway.

annalisa said...

you're funny lara! that's a pretty sweet costume you have there:) everyone's costume is pretty cool!

K said...

I love the pregnant nun costume Lara. At least you were being original unlike the rest of us!


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