Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A Few Things I Have Been Accused of...

1. Saying the word "seriously" way too often. Apparently a certain someone (name starts with Gl, rhymes with Ken) thinks it's way overused in the blogging world, particularly by me until he so helpfully made me totally paranoid about it.

2. Speaking of paranoia, I have been known to be a little on the paranoid/hypochondriac side. After I get through with locking the bars on my windows and finishing the kids' nightly swine flu testing, I'll finally get to filling out the police report on the kid who hit me with a bike the other day. Solemnly (it's hard not using seriously) though I am a mild case in comparison to a couple of other people I know (name starts with "P" and rhymes with "mops")

3. Saying stupid things. It's a talent I've always had and let me say I must have worked REALLY hard in the premortal existence perfecting this one because I am good! I can't bury this talent no matter how hard I try. I say stupid things to strangers, friends, family, and small children every day of my life even in the midst of trying to be thoughtful and empathetic. Earnestly (are you happy Glen?), if you're ever looking to offend someone and aren't quite sure how to do it, please call me. I'll do it in the course of a natural conversation without even so much as a second thought.

4. Being gung-ho. When some hobby/activity captures my interest, I have a tendency to go gung-ho crazy with it. Couponing, making FHE lessons, list-making, reading, sewing, cardmaking, and scrapbooking have all consumed many hours of my life (and been great blessings for our family). Now my focus is our ward's co-op preschool, cooking, and blogging. Someday I hope to be gung-ho crazy about reading the scriptures, cleaning my house, and exercising.

5. Being a back-seat driver. More like a passenger seat driver.
"Buckle your seat belt."
"Isn't it time to turn the lights on?"
"Whoa, aren't you following a bit close here?"
"Um, excuse me, the speed limit is only 35 on this road."

"Hello! It's way faster to go that way instead of this way."
I totally envision being Spencer's worst nightmare in a couple of years.

6. Keeping a double standard. I love to notice and point out ( in public places) other people's spelling and grammatical errors, while blatantly ignoring my own which I routinely find when rereading my blog posts. You have no idea how many office goods store managers I've scolded for misspelling "stationery" . Shouldn't people who make their business in paper know the difference between "stationary"-- standing still and "stationery"-- pretty paper?

7. Being a list maker. In addition to the expected grocery lists and lists of things to do, I also randomly make lists for no other apparent reason than to embarrass myself.



Denise said...

I love your lists. Seriously.

K said...

Seriously, you are an over-acheiver my list-making sister.

Deon said...

Okay so now I am seriously paranoid about using "seriously" way too much.

annalisa said...

I love all the words you used instead of seriously! It's funny! I think I understand the part about saying stupid things all of the time. I do it too.
Lara, you're funny!

Charlene said...

Seriously, you are hilarious!!

Mom said...

I seriously think that those are not serious things to be accused of doing. Except for using seriously too much, I am also seriously guilty of all those things.

Seriously yours,


Annette said...

Seriously, that is a funny post!

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