Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Blogging Telegram Style

Telegram #1  <stop>

Good news   <stop>

Spencer healthy  <stop>

12 months <stop>

Yay  <stop>

Clinic Stats:  Weight=71.9 kg , WBC=6.29 ,  Hgb=16.1 , Platelets=146 ,  ANC=3950  <stop>


PS #1  Sorry for the lack of eloquence.  My brain was simply too tired for words and  I didn't want to hold back the good news for another day.  :)

PS  #2 Sorry about the video that didn't work.  I"ll try it again in another blogpost.  


annalisa said...

Yaaaaaay for Spence's clean check up! Congrats!

P.S. Also Cami's video won't play. It says the video is private.

Valerie H. said...

We don't need a video. If I could I would be doing cartwheels to celebrate Spencers great check up!

shannon said...


R said...

Fantastic news about Spencer's health.

JP said...

Terrific news!!

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