Friday, May 24, 2013

Senior Roast (and Video)

Last night was our church's annual Senior Roast, where all of the youth gather together to honor the graduating seniors.  The word "honor" may make it sound serious, but in reality it's more about having some good clean fun and making sure that the seniors know how much they are loved.

Here is the Class of 2013.  Brandon, Spencer, and Ryan have all been together since preschool.  Janessa moved in a few years ago.  They are a great group and our ward will really miss them as they all go off to school this fall.

Each person got to have a display table with some of their memoirs.  I got a little distracted and ended up just grabbing a few things on my way out the door.  My one regret was not finding a jersey from his high school lacrosse team.  Actually I did find it, but it was crumpled up in the bottom of a full gym bag that has been sitting there since the end of the lacrosse season.  I opted not to use it.


Spencer's display                                                  Janessa's display

 Ryan's display                                                    Brandon's display  


The most anticipated part of the night was each senior's slideshow presentation.  I did not realize it when I started ours, but I ended up doing ours the labor intensive way.  Most people did Powerpoint slideshows and talked through them, while I stressed to find out how to add sound to ours.  I didn't get much sleep the last couple of nights, but in the end I liked how it turned out.  Enjoy!  

We ended the night with each senior presenting their last will and testament.  Spencer bequeathed things like his baking skills and all the young men to Cami, his sporting gear to Adam, a big hug to Ellie, and his music ability and bedroom to Emma.

We are going to miss this kid next year!

Love you Spence!


K said...

My kids love this video! They've watched it multiple times!

Andrew King said...

I watched the video three times!

Katherine said...

We've watched this video so many times, good job, Lara! The ending is so funny that my kids dragged their dad out from his office just to watch the video, and we try not to interrupt Dad for anything but emergencies! It's obvious a lot of time and love (and humor :) went into the making of this video!

K said...

I can't believe you got a comment from Andrew! It's funny, cause Andrew said he really wanted to read everyone's blogs, so I had to create a google reader account for him, so he could get notified when people post. (o:

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