Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Tonight I am so thankful to hear that my family living in the Oklahoma City area
are safe and well.  My Dad and his family are Oklahoma natives and my Nana and  aunt/uncle/cousins still live in the area.  My Nana lives in Moore, right in the heart of the devastation, but 
somehow her house is fine.  One to two blocks away, in her same neighborhood,
the area is demolished. 

She was at a funeral at the time the tornado hit and she weathered the storm at the church with the other funeral goers.   She was pretty shook up, but I imagine was comforted not to be alone
during such a frightening experience.   My Nana had left her cell phone at home, so between that and the jammed lines  it took quite a while before her very worried children were
finally able to get through to her.

My mom, dad, and younger siblings were living in Oklahoma City in 1999, when
 the F5 tornado tore an almost an identical mile-wide path through Moore.  It was one of the most destructive tornadoes to ever hit Oklahoma and the devastation was absolutely heart-wrenching.
They, with their church congregation, spent weeks and weeks helping people to sort
through the rubble and rebuild their lives.
Photo credit: Capital Weather Gang via OklahomaNick

They are saying that today's tornado was much worse than that. 
Now we are praying, praying, praying for all those in the path of today's storm...

and for all those that call Oklahoma home.


“There is terrible suffering in our world today. Tragic things happen to good people. God does not cause them, nor does He always prevent them. He does, however, strengthen us and bless us with His peace.”
—Rex D. Pinegar


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The McArthur Family said...

So grateful your family is alright. I didn't know about your Oklahoma connections. Eric grew up in a northern suburb of OKC called Edmond. It's about 20 miles north of Moore. His parents no longer live there, but two of his brothers and their families do. Such a scary, horrific thing.

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