Sunday, May 12, 2013


When the doctor placed Spencer into my arms for the first time, I remember marveling at his tiny little  features.  He had dark hair like mine and brown eyes almost the exact same color as Glen's.  I was young--barely 22 and still in college when he was born--but our youthfulness did not stop us from harboring big dreams for our firstborn.  There was no doubt in our minds that our tiny little son was destined to become a strong, faithful, warm, caring, athletic, hard-working, mama-loving, responsible, God-fearing CEO someday.   

Eighteen years later and I look back to those days when I snuggled that hungry little newborn close to my breast for the first time, both of us fumbling with fatigue and inexperience,  with a sort of longing for the simplicity and singleness of heart we shared.   I never could have imagined then, the exquisite joy and the heart-wrenching aches that motherhood would one day bring.  
I look back at some of the heartaches I've faced as a mother--a child who seems bent on being prickly to everyone and everything, a little one with physical challenges that have the potential to hold her back both physically and academically, and a son who has already literally battled for his life --and sometimes I wish I could go back to me as that young mother tickling her firstborn under the chin and tell her to hang on.

Hang on to the joy and embrace it with every part of your soul.   You'll need those joys to fill your soul with enough light to pull you through the dark moments of your life.    Don't get so caught up in the duties of motherhood that you forget the very people who have made you a mother.  Dishes and emails can wait.   Take the time to listen, notice, and embrace them right here and right now.

It's worth it.

Happy Mother's Day  to all of you and especially my own dear mother, who instilled in us kids a sense of what is really important in life.  Love you, Mom!



Steve-Rosanna said...

What poignant thoughts dear daughter. You were nurtured by a wonderful mother who taught you correct principles. Although she leaves awfully large (size 10+) footprints in the sand, you have done an amazing job of emulating and even exceeding many of her finest qualities. You are a most wonderful mom and we are so proud of you.
Much love on this Mothers Day-2013.

The McArthur Family said...

Beautifully expressed, Lara. You are a wonderful mother!

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