Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Cami in Acrostic

C-lass of 2015!  She is thrilled to be a senior this year!  
A-CT score of 30!   
M-ath tutoring a 9-year-old little boy 
I- will miss her when she goes to college next year! 

R-olled her ankle during a cross country race last weekend
O-odles less homework than last year
S-tarted making her own shampoo/conditioner/laundry soap from scratch
E-xperimenting with making  new cupcake creations….today it was delicious cookie-filled cupcakes


R said...

So her ankle is not broken for sure. Still looks awful. I want her recipes for making shampoo etc from scratch.

Lara said...

There's not much to Cami's shampoo and conditioner recipes. She just uses baking soda for shampoo and apple cider vinegar for conditioner. Surprisingly even with her waist-length hair, they seem to do the trick very well for her. Her hair looks gorgeous still and her rash is a lot better. The body wash and laundry soap have a few more ingredients, but I'll have to get those from her sometime and send them on to you.

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