Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Birth-o-ween!

In honor of Emma's 14th Birth-o-ween today, here are 14 facts about our sweet Emma!
1.  Emma is a peacemaker.
Emma hates contention with every part of who she is and tries very hard to seek for peaceful solutions. I have been humbled by her many times.

2.  Emma is passionate about her pursuits.
When Emma decides she enjoys something, she goes at it 110%.    Her most recent pursuits include music, swimming, reading, writing, and weaving.

3.  Emma loves, loves, loves music...
and has since she was a baby.  She loves to listen to it, loves to play it, and loves to sing it.   She practices for hours a day and is the only one of my kids who we've had to tell to STOP practicing her music so much, because someone is sleeping, or on the phone, etc.

4. Emma is self-driven and a very hard worker.
In other words she is the perfect person to homeschool.    She uses her time very well and loves that homeschooling  provides her more time to devote to some of her other pursuits.

5.  Emma had bright red hair until she was about 4-years-old.
When she was born, she completed her trio of kids with all different colors of hair.  It was quite a sight to see -- Spencer with his dark hair, Cami with blond, and Emma with her red hair.   It's not that red anymore, but I still delight in the fact when the sun catches her hair just right you can still see the red in it a bit!

6. Emma likes doing things her own way!
Whether it be school, music, or whatever….she likes to figure out her own way to do things.

7. Emma is full of energy. 
From the time she was a tiny baby, she was in constant motion.   Her energy level is a few steps beyond my own and she amazes me with the amount she can accomplish in a day.

8.  Emma is our family's only morning person.
Every single one of the rest of our family are at least mild night-owls, getting more done in the evenings and needing to wake up somewhat slowly.   Emma, however, wakes up early every day, ready to start the day.

9.  Emma is a baker extraordinaire (and doesn't usually use recipes).
Her specialties are making breakfasts and treats.  While I consider myself to be a somewhat simple baker, she is not intimidated at all by recipes that have weird ingredients or long instructions.  However, for most things she makes, she no longer uses a recipe and if she does use a recipe, only rarely measures the ingredients.   Today she popped out of bed and made her own birthday breakfast, and is now making homemade candy corn, twix bars, peppermint patties, and gummy worms for tonight.

10.  Emma wants soup in a pumpkin for her birthday dinner.
I made one a few years ago and she really liked how festive it was, so decided she wanted it for her birthday dinner.  I'm willing to give it a try this evening, but I'm a little nervous that an entire pumpkin won't fit into our new oven!

11. Emma's room is never messy unless someone else leaves their stuff lying around. 
 Emma was such a mess-maker as a child that we teasingly said she kicked up a cloud of dust behind her when she walked, but now she's the only one in our whole family (parents included) that can consistently keep her room clean.  She's had her own room now for 1-1/2 years and it's  a fact that still shocks us!   :)

12.  Emma is busting at the seams with excitement about attending her first church dance next week.
When I say busting, I mean busting.  She talks about it almost every day and has been  debating outfit choices with Cami for weeks.   She is especially excited that her best friend, Elena turns 14 the week after her, so they can go to their first dance together!

13.  Emma is a gifted writer.
She is an avid journal keeper (like I was) and is not afraid of writing (like some of my other children).  She definitely has a gift with words and I enjoy reading her work.

14. Emma rarely watches tv, but when she does it's invariably a cooking show.
And even better than watching a cooking show, she absolutely loves to recreate the shows for a family activity.   For her, what could be better than engaging  the whole family in cooking with crazy ingredients or while performing difficult feats?

Happy 14th birthday, Emma! 
We love you!    


annalisa said...

Happy birthday Emma boo!

R said...

Happy Birthday Emma. We love you. What a great young women you are.

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