Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Holding Down the Fort

A few weeks ago Glen had a business trip to Delhi, India.   

The trip took place  shortly after the school year started and I found that holding down the fort while in the midst of trying to establish new routines,  was challenging to say the least.   

Thanks to a  9-1/2 hour time adjustment to make and then a nasty case of "Delhi Belly" to deal with, he wasn't much more help when he came home.   He was barely functional for two weeks while his body recovered and literally just as he was barely starting to feel better again, it was time for him  to leave on another trip.   
This time to Utah with Adam to help celebrate his upcoming 12th birthday! 

They went to the BYU game where the quarterback broke his leg and BYU had their first loss of the season.   

They went on hikes in the mountains--to Bridal Veil Falls and to the Y. 

They went fishing at Strawberry Reservoir with Uncle Alex and Cousin Nicholas. 

It was a chilly, but very successful fishing voyage!

I daresay, even a dream come true for Glen.  

On Saturday they hung out with Grandma, Grandpa, Nana, Tim, and Heather and watched General Conference.   

Then Saturday evening they filled the purpose of their trip by attending the Priesthood session of conference.  

On Sunday they watched conference with Glen's brother's family and took a hike at Sundance between sessions.  

Meanwhile, back on the homefront… 

I am still holding down the fort.

I've done all the early morning shifts, the late-night shifts, and the kid stuff…and I'm tired.    
 Thank goodness for Cami who can drive herself places at least.
This weekend it was just us girls (and a few cute visitors).  Friday night was supposed to be the ward camp-out, but it was cancelled for rain….and I wasn't disappointed by that.   That cancellation made for  a very laid-back weekend as we watched conference together.     
 We wore our sweats, put no make-up on, ate too much junk food, and just enjoyed being together while we listened to the words of a living prophet.    It was a good weekend for spiritual and physical renewal.  

Now I am staying up until the wee hours of the morning, so I can go pick up Glen and Adam from the airport.  Then I will sleep for a couple of hours and wake up in the slightly later wee hours of the morning to get Cami off to seminary.   

I may look a little bleary-eyed for the next couple of days, but at least Glen and I will be bleary-eyed together again!



R said...

Can't believe you can survive on as little sleep as you get.

Loved having Glen and Adam here. I think they had fun here fishing and hiking attending conference and watching the game.
Unbelieveable that their flights were delayed both ways but at least they arrived home safely.

Jennifer McArthur said...

Wowzers! That's some serious craziness at your house!

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