Thursday, October 30, 2014

Random Weirdness

For the second time in my life I was injured by an iron that was not plugged in or even hot.  

The first time was when I was a teenager and it fell out of the top of a closet when I was reaching for something.   It smacked me in the forehead and gave me a blasting headache for the rest of the day.  This time it was my toe.   Someone had left it on the floor and I jammed my pinkie toe into it big time.  My toe is swollen and bruised, but thankfully does not seem broken.   In the meantime I am contemplating embracing wrinkledness and eschewing ironing duties forevermore.   


Our Christmas pajamas are ordered and already in the house.   

Anyone who knows me, knows that I'm not normally a shop-for-Christmas-in-October kind of girl, so this is monumental.   Don't ask me how or why I've done this out-of-character early preparation.   Maybe it's just all this "extra" time I have now that I'm not on Facebook and Instagram anymore…


We went on a long walk the other day and saw an owl getting chased by a bluejay.

It was broad daylight and a very strange, albeit cool sight to see.  Even being pretty avid birdwatchers, we have only seen owls in the wild a couple of times and it made the long walk well worth it.


Seeing my Young Women's faces photoshopped into old yearbook photos. 

My 1st counselor made this poster for an activity last week (YW in Excellence) and it totally cracks me up every time I see it.   The last 4 pics are leaders' actual yearbook photos, the rest are the faces of my young women photoshopped into old yearbook style pictures, complete with authentic hair-dos of that specific year.   Here is the website she used.

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