Monday, October 27, 2014

Homecoming: Part 2 (the dress)

Have I ever mentioned how hard it is to shop for or with Cami?  

I think she'd qualify as picky by anyone's standards, but for a non-shopper like me it's downright tortuous to take her on a shopping trip.   To my department store hating brain, it seems like she tries on a gazillion things, kind of likes approximately .0003% of what she tries on, and then begs me to take her to another store.  I try to be patient, but in the end always end up a tad bit grumpy and begging her to settle for something that's "good enough" so that we can go home already!     

I really have tried over the years, but I have no doubt that Cami would probably not hesitate to call me a  shopping curmudgeon.  Each year that passes,  I find myself more and more willing to relinquish my motherly shopping duties to anyone who might be willing to take them from me…whether it be friends or my sister or even Glen.   It ends being a win-win situation for both me and Cami's wardrobe. 

When Cami's formal events, like homecoming and prom have rolled around, I try to make a  concerted effort to be more engaged in the shopping process and helping her to find the perfect dress.   It feels more high-stakes because of the deadline, higher price point, and the  desire to find that ever-elusive something that is beautiful, fits right, and is somewhat modest, but I still try…really I do.   

This year she went to homecoming with Gary again.  They have been in many of the same classes all through high school and decided it would be fun to go together as friends again. 

After hours and hours of deliberating and trying friends' dresses on, Cami ended up ordering two different dresses, hoping one of them would work.    Not surprisingly, neither did and she is returning both.  

 In the end, she opted to borrow her friend Ashley's dress.    The color and style looked stunning on her and I was just thrilled that she found something that she loved.  

I liked hers best out of all the girls in her group.

Here she is with the group of seniors from her elementary school.  There were a couple of them I hadn't seen since they were in 6th grade, so it was a crazy sight to see them all grown up and graduating later this school year! 

All the girls in her group.  

Her friends Ashley and Katy came to see her off.  The three of them have been best friends for a long time and Cami was happy that they came.  

As a mother, I am happy to say that I couldn't ask for better friends for my daughter.  

It's fun to watch them laugh together and know that theirs is a friendship that will likely continue on far past their high school days.  

Matt came along with Ash and Katy as the official phone holder. 

Cami and Gary opted to skip the dance and went to dinner in Alexandria, then to Cox Farms for a haunted hayride.     

Although it was a tad sad for me to think that this will be her final high school homecoming, I am happy that it ended up being a good experience for her.  


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