Friday, October 24, 2014

Homecoming 2014: Part 1

Part of the homecoming festivities every year are spirit days.   The spirit days are themed days in the week leading up to their school's homecoming football game. The themes are  chosen either by the administration or by a leadership class.   Both Spence and Cami have always gone all-out for them, even borrowing clothes from friends or taking a trip to the local consignment store if they don't have the right pieces to look properly spirited. This year was no different for Cami.   Being a part of student government and it being her senior year, made her especially excited to show her school spirit!  Here are some of the crazy cuteness we've seen this week from Cami.   Be sure to come back later this weekend to see a full homecoming report…including Cami's dress and date!   

Marvel Monday
Cami dresses as a cute girly version of Captain America and gets asked to homecoming by her good friend, Gary, who randomly is also dressed as Captain America.  

Fifties Tuesday
Cami borrows Sis. James' poodle skirt, glasses, and shoes and then raids Adam's closet for a button-down white shirt….then gets to school and falls fast asleep!   

Wacky Wednesday
Cami wears Daddy's fishing shirt, unmatched socks, and realllllllllllly tall hair! 

Hippie Thursday
Cami morphs into a tree-hugging hippie and sends one of her teachers into the throes of 70's nostalgia.   Mrs. N commented to Cami that while the rest of the school was dressed up as hippies, Cami actually reminded her of her high school days in the 70's.

Class Color Friday
Cami dons the t-shirt that she helped design and dresses in black-out clothes.   Each class is wearing a different color today.  The seniors are in black, juniors in green, sophomores in yellow, and freshmen in white.  

This week she has also been hard at work designing the class float for the homecoming parade tonight, which unbeknownst to her required getting a fancy shmancy manicure.

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